The concept

Participatory financing or crowdfunding is a bottom-up mode of harvesting that enters into a new conception of consumption and production, based on collaboration and participation.

This type of financing covers several forms :

  • The gift, for associations;
  • Donation with counterpart for projects of artists, computer and other creation;
  • Interest-bearing loans to young entrepreneurs;
  • Capitalization investment with dividends in local economy enterprises, SMEs;

The concept is to use a specialized social network, a website, to present its project and find funding.
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Attention: there are certain rules to be respected to appeal to the participative financing :
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For which project ?

Participatory financing has grown in various sectors.

  • The music, to finance artists little known;
  • Artistic or other community production;
  • Charities;
  • Local and international development associations;
  • Sustainable development associations;
  • Cultural, social and sporting associations;
  • Publishing projects, etc.

Crowdfunding websites

For a more exausive and detailed list of crowfunding websites and the opportunities they can offer you (in French):


Les associations et Asbl (association sans but lucratif) sur Social Square