The law governing the ASBL (NPO : non-profit association), is the law of 27 June 1921 which was amended by the Act of 2 May 2002.

Several Royal Decrees and Ministerial Orders, available on the website of the Federal Justice Department, have also been promulgated regarding the law on non-profit organizations (loi sur les ASBL). (in French)

You will find a good explanatory brochure : (in French)

An ASBL must have at least 3 members and does not require financial contributions, except the administrative costs to the constitution thereof.

The law also provides for meeting the obligations regarding the creation, operation and dissolution of the association (ASBL).

Some important steps in the life of a non-profit organization (ASBL) are :

  • The founding meeting;
  • The drafting of statutes and their publication, the creation of the "Conseil d’administration";
  • The filing of the list of members;
  • Regular meetings of the "Conseil d’administration";
  • The annual or special meeting of the "Assemblée Générale";
  • The daily management in accordance with accounting requirements;
  • The dissolution of the association;

New reglementations for non-profit organizations

The current legislation on non-profit organizations is being recast. A draft law on the Code of Societies and Associations will soon modify certain provisions of the legislation. You will find more information about these different evolutions in the brochure:
The association after the reform: from beginning to end:
or more on the website of the Maison Pour Associations :

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