The employee

A non-profit organization may hire staff under contract of employment or as an independent service provider. She can also call on volunteers.

For the hiring of staff, you will find more information on :

The type of engagement may be, as for a traditional employer, full-time, part-time, indeterminate, determined, for a clearly defined job, independent of the service, etc.


The employee can be a member of the non-profit association, if he is a full member, his roles and functions must be clearly distinguished.

As a reminder, the administrators are appointed by the General Meeting. ( Art. 4. de la loi du 27 juin 1921 modifiée par l’Art. 12. de la loi du 2 mai 2002.)

As for a traditional employer, the employee must be declared to Social Security, Family Allowances, Annual Holidays.


A non-profit organization can reward an administrator without the compensation being excessive.
The administrator can also be paid as a volunteer.

For the volunteers, precise rules exist regarding the expenses :

Remember, one of the ASBL worker can not be hired as a volunteer.


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